How Can You Improve Your Company’s Capture Management Process?

Better managing your Capture Management process can have a drastic impact on your company’s success. There are many things you can do to improve and strengthen your Capture Management process, all the while making it more efficient, more cost effective, and more successful.

In this webinar you will learn how to easily implement steps that create a better, and more repeatable, Capture Management process.

While this event has passed, you can still download our presentation to learn:

  • How and when to begin the Capture process
  • What (and how much) interaction should your Capture Executive (Capture Manager) have with the government?
  • The right questions to ask (and who you should be asking)
  • How can you find the right tracking system that allows you to effectively manage your sales?
  • What you can (and should) do to improve your PWin
  • How should you be spending your money – wisely and on deals you can win?

Download this Webinar